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Alpha Mach specializes in the design of miniature submersible archival tags used in fisheries and biological research.

Our instruments offer the opportunity to gather vital data over long periods of time in very harsh environments, where other tools cannot be used.

Our newest loggers, the Weetag® series, offers temperature and depth with RFID communication. You can now mission & download even through organic tissue, which makes internal data logging a lot easier.

Alpha Mach is an authorized reseller of the well-known iButtons® and manufacturer of a multitude of iButton® based products.

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Wapp Software

FREE  – WeeTag® Software Solution


WeeTag® RF&RFID Data Loggers

By eliminating  mechanical contacts between the computer and the WeeTag®, Alpha Mach has come up with an easy, low cost submersible data collecting solution for you.

All you need is the PitStop® antenn with our free PC software..


The RFID Weetags® are encased in a biocompatible epoxy housing and once implanted, can be missioned and downloaded through the subjects body tissue.

PIT Antenna Compatibility

The WeePit® , WeeDip® and Nautical series  run on the ISO 134.2 kHz frequency which make them compatible with most PIT readers and PIT installations.

WeeTag RF RFID Data Loggers

What can I do with a WeeTag®?

iButton® Products

iButton THE Submersible by AlphaMach

The iButton® is the simplest and lowest costing temperature data logger available. It’s rugged, simple to use and surprisingly precise for a device of this price and size. It is used worldwide in the food processing and pharmaceutical industries, as well as in  many scientific projects.

At Alpha Mach we have made the iButton® completely waterproof and pressure resistant, taking the iButton one step further, and opening a world of possibilities and discovery…

It is available in several types for different temperature ranges, precision levels and memory sizes.

iButton Types

Now you can use them in any environment, anywhere, anytime.

Using our FREE “WeeButton RF” software application will greatly facilitate retrieval and download of data, simplifying your research project…

Time & date stamp start mission option means you can set time and date for all your iButton® and iButton®Products to start at the same time, improving synchronisation of all fields of data.

Download has also been simplified. Export all your data into an Excel spreadsheet, and generate a comprehensive graph in minutes…

What can I do with an iButton®?


Our Company was registered in 1990 under the name SUB-EXPLO, and later incorporated in 1997 under its present name ALPHA MACH.

This change was to reflect our new orientation: “to design and manufacture miniature submersible scientific instrumentation.”

Engineer, Founder and General Manager Robert Turcotte, was approached by the Maurice Lamontagne Institute (Department of Fisheries and Oceans Canada) to test a simple iButton® for pressure resistance to tag Cod off the shores of Eastern Canada. When the tests proved that the iButton® was not strong enough, he set out to design a low cost, resistant temperature storage fish tag, so that researchers could deploy their project.

As time went by, the need for better precision and more storage space, pushed Alpha Mach to develop and produce its in-house series of data loggers: WeeTag®.

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Robert Turcotte, M.Sc., Eng.
Robert Turcotte, M.Sc., Eng.President and Founder
Robert is an engineer.
He likes sailing and scuba-diving. He also runs the half marathon whenever he can.

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