From food safety to miniature wildlife monitoring

You need a specific instrument for your sterilisation process or wildlife monitoring? We have the technology for you, with our fast 3d design capabilities and our highly flexible manufacturing processes, we can provide you a tailored solution for your data logging requirements. Whether it needs to be miniature for tagging bats, high temperature resistant for sterilization with FDA approved materials for food contacts, we can provide you with a ready built instrument or customize a solution for you.

High performance,
small size

We have the smallest implantable temperature data logger that will communicate with a loop RFID antenna. High precision, large memory, with a RFID communication that can go through body tissues or a vaccine glass bottle. Operate once to implant the WeeTag in a small animal or snake and retrieve the data while the tag is still implanted. No need to operate again to retrieve the tag, you will recover the cost of the WeeTag by saving on the second operation usually needed with other data loggers.

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Fit for your application

From the ultralight 1.2 grams WeeBat to measure skin temperature of a very small mammal or small bats, to the larger multi-sensor Nautical or high temperature IBEE we have several data logging solutions to offer.

Agri-food industry

Certify your cooking or sterilization processes with our high temperature data logger, small enough to fit inside a sardine can with FDA approved materials but still very affordable. We offer the only high temperature and pressure data logger to verify the pressure inside a package put through an autoclave. Free simple software is available for missioning and downloading data for Excel format or sophisticated online solutions in you need 21CFR Part 11 compliance.

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Scientific Research — Ground assessment

Monitoring temperature at different depth in the ground is a very effective way for estimating surface water and groundwater exchange. With USGS, we built and patented a new discrete subsurface temperature profiling probe, the TrodX. This heavy duty, low-profile design, reliable instrument can continuously monitor the ground temperature even in harsh environments that are susceptible to high-discharge events with rapidly moving sediment or debris.

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Scientific research — Wildlife

Economically record body temperature of your research animal for metabolism, torpor, or thermoregulation studies. Bats wake up in hibernation, opening their wings and the WeeBat glued to their back will detect a rapid drop of temperature. Water level and temperature measurements are now more economical with our rugged line of compact Nautical data loggers that incorporate light measurement on four different frequencies and optional humidity sensor for extreme environments.

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Tell us more about your project and let us help you ! Send your sketch and/or requirements as well as some information on your application. We can design you a solution very rapidly and we can get you an overnight prototype with our 3D printers.


FREE WeeButtonRF and Wapp Software application

Allows you to mission and download a text file version of the data for an easy transfer to an Excel spreadsheet: For iButton/iBee: RFID products,





Our data loggers are missioned, and data downloaded for easy transfer to Excel via low-cost connection hardware and free PC software. The iButton/iBee use the WeeButtonRF and all RFID WeeTag and Nautical use the WAPP application. If compliance to FDA rules is required, the application Webserve is available for the iButton and iBee products.


WebServe Online is a must for compliance to the FDA norm 21CFR Part 11: Cost per iButton/iBee per year or permanent. Contact us for the details and set-up.

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Robert Turcotte Keep following my work here :LinkedInYoutube

Mechanical engineer with a master’s degree in Offshore Engineering form Strathclyde University in Scotland, Robert is an avid diver and has been designing diving lights and submersible instruments since the 1990s. He provided a solution for waterproofing the iButtons that allowed this product to be used as inexpensive fish tags. He participated in the development of the Weetag family of products, working on the electronic design and software development as a system engineer. As a offshore sailor, Robert is aware of the constraints and difficult environment of the high seas and can easily sympathise with biologist tagging fish on a small rolling fishing vessel in bad weather.