Size: Φ 11 mm x 12 mm
Weight: 2.5 g
Temperature range: -10 to +45°C
Accuracy: ±0.125°C
Resolution: 0.025°C
Thermal Time Constant (Water/Air): 37 sec./3min.20sec.
Stability (Drift): 0.1°C per year
Logging interval: 4 seconds to 24 hours
Communication interface: 134.2kHz Full Duplex RFID
Water tightness: Yes
Memory: 92,000 values
Battery Life: 2 years
Real Time clock accuracy: ±1 minute per month
Fabrication material: PETG Epoxy
Color: Clear

Submersible Implantable Temperature Data Logger.

Submersible implantable temperature data logger with large non volatile memory and through flesh RFID communication .

184.00 $ CAD