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Temperature exposition is critical to prevent bacteria proliferation and freshness. But if we can easily control a room or fridge temperature, the inside of the food will cool or heat at different rates. Our small data loggers can be inserted into small containers and tight spaces to monitor temperature precisely during the cooking or cooling process.

This is how you could use temperature data logging throughout your supply chain

Food temperatures

With a data logger in your food, you get a time stamp for every measurement. If a problem occurs in the temperature chain, you know exactly when it occurred or if there is a suspect trend due to faulty chillers or heaters.

Cook & chill Units

Insufficient speed in raising or lowering the temperature for cooking and cooling can be hazardous. You need a data logger with a fast temperature response to follow closely the temperature changes inside your food.

Walk-in coolers & freezers

Coolers and freezers may be problematic for temperature homogeneity throughout the entire space. Inexpensive data loggers in all corners will help identify warmer spots that can affect the quality and safety of the food.

Dry storage

Excessive temperature and humidity can be hazardous or affect the quality of food and should be monitored throughout the storage space between the pallets or containers to identify a source of excessive heat or humidity.

Canning & bottles

The food inside a bottle or a can will take more time to reach sterilization temperatures. It is important to monitor this with a data logger that will fit through standard bottle neck or small enough to fit inside a small can.

Flash freeze

Flash freeze requires consistency in all the products to get uniform cooling inside the food. This can be monitored better with small probe with very low thermal mass and located right in the middle of the piece of food.


Pasteurisation requires lower temperature, but it needs to be precise with high-resolution measurements inside the food container and at several locations throughout the pallet to ensure homogeneity of the process.


Sterilisation requires higher temperature and proper timing to kill sufficient bacteria while keeping the good taste of food. Data loggers inside the containers at different locations will ensure homogeneity of the process.

Dishwasher operating temperature

The dishwasher used for cleaning dishes and instruments must also ensure their sterilisation in the short period of operation, usually a few minutes. Temperature of the water is important and should be monitored regularly.


Tracking the temperature throughout the shipment of your products is critical. Inexpensive data loggers can record a time stamp for every measurement to ensure that the cold or hot chain have not been broken, and otherwise, when to correct the problem in the future.

Features that matter
In the agri-food industry

High temperature

High temperature

Up to 140 °C

Very rapid response time (Low Thermal Time Constant)



Autoclave & Steam Sterilizer Safe




Resists to high temperature water & steam of autoclaves

Pressure resistant

Pressure resistant

High pressure environments

Resistant to high pressure up to 5 Bars

Food Contact Approval

Food Contact Approval

Built with FDA approved transparent silicone encapsulation material

AlphaMach Guarantee

Most popular products

We have the special data logger for your application, either for high temperature up to 140C, or freezing down to -40C. Size matters when you need to fit something either in a vaccine bottle or a small metal can. And if you do not find what you need, we can easily modify one of our products to match your application.

Best for sterilization

iBee T & E
Autoclave proven, the iBee T and E are iButtons with FDA approved silicone covering for watertightness and rapid temperature response. Their temperature ranges from 0 to 125C or 15 to 140C with a precision of +/- 0.5C, memory of 4098 values.

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Best for cool chains

iBee L
The iBee L is an iButton with FDA approved silicone covering for watertightness and rapid temperature response. Its temperature range is from -40 to 85 C, a precision of +/- 0.5C with high resolution of 0.0625C, memory of 4098 values.

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Best for Autoclaves

The STEAM provides high temperature and pressure measurements. Come with the same FDA approved silicone covering for watertightness. Best temperature range of all our data loggers, from -40 to 125 C, a precision of +/- 0.125C, memory of 190,000 values. RFID Communication.

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Required accessories and options!

1Wire USB adaptor

The USB adaptor is the interface between the PC, the connection clamp or any iButton connectors equipped with an RJ11 connector. Plug and play, the drivers will be installed automatically with our software WeeButtonRF freely available on our web site.

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1Wire USB adaptor
Connection Clamp

Connection Clamp

The connection clamp can be used on both the iButton and iBee. The two sharp pins will go through the thin silicone layer of the iBee to contact with the DATA and Ground surfaces. A small rotation of the iBee on the pins will help in making the contact.

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PitStop antenna

RFID antenna for the communication with all our RFID products, Weepit, Nautical, Steam and Heat. Drivers installed with our free software WAPP. The PitStop can also be used as a full duplex pittag reader on 134.2kHz.

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PitStop antenna

The software you will need

Download WeeButtonRF

Download WAPP

For compliance with FDA 21CFR Part 11, we provide Thermotrack PC for all iButtons and iBee products. For the SensorNetConnect online monitoring boxes, ThermoTrack Webserve can be used for cloud saving and alarms.

When there is no FDA requirements, our free softwares are available to download. WeeButtonRF for all iButton and iBee products, simple interface to export a text file that can be neatly imported into Excel and the WAPP software for all the RFID products, WeePit, Nautical, HEAT and STEAM.

Temperature monitoring in the food industry is an important matter for safety. It is at the heart of the HACCP and of the Food Safety Management System. Every process must get certification from the authorities. At the same time, optimization of the process is needed to increase profit margins that are often very low. These two requirements need precise temperature measurements at numerous location and time.

Proper data loggers will provide the information needed to reduce or increase oven or autoclave heat, slower or increase the speed of conveyors, get more or less freezing capacity in the cooling stage. All seconds and degrees count for the safety of the food, and for the balance sheet at the end of the day.

The instrumentation useful to address these issues should have a good precision and resolution to ensure that the minimal temperature is reached for safety while not too high to cause energy losses or excessive process time. It should be small enough to fit in tight spaces, in can, bottles or a small doe and be able to run through all the cooking or cooling process. A small thermal time constant is essential to be able to read rapidly and precisely the temperature change. The data logger installed inside an imperial roll before being fried on a conveyer must have its sensor right in the middle of the roll with limited thermal mass to properly read the temperature rising right in the middle of the roll while in the fryer.

Since the instrument must be inside the food to properly monitor its temperature, it’s housing material must be approved for contact with food. Ease of deployment is important for efficiency in the certification or routine test, as the downloading of the data for analysis. Finally, it must be easy to clean and sterilize for another use.

Alpha Mach offers a good range of instruments, each with its temperature range, precision, size, thermal time constant for all cooking, freezing and sterilization processes. Contact us to get more information for your specific requirements.

You need more information?

As a small company, we can design rapidly a tailored solution for your data logging requirements. We use 3D printing machines in our manufacturing processes, and we can rapidly build the specific instrument you require. Throughout the years we have provided a lot of different solutions to our clients, one that may fit what you need. Call us to discuss further about it.

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