Fish tagging is believed to have started in the 1940’s when a man by the name of Pers Scholander attached a depth gauge onto a harpooned whale to gather information on maximum diving depths…

In the past 20 years, technology and miniaturization has meant that “tagging” could be done on much smaller animals, with better data and for longer periods of time. Alpha Mach has continued this tradition, to innovate on new and existing technology, developing the next generation in affordable and reliable fish data loggers.

WeePit miniature RFID temperature data loggers by AlphaMach

Features That Matter

WeeTag miniature RFID temperature data loggers by AlphaMach

Here at Alpha Mach we have rendered the popular iButton® temperature data logger completely submersible and depth resistant.

The iBCod has been a research staple for many years, used to tag fish around the world. Its reliability and low cost has made it a research favorite for small and large scale projects.

But we didn’t stop there…

After years of reading scientific papers and discussing with field biologists about their technological and financial needs to be able to push collective knowledge forward, Alpha Mach has recently developed a new generation of research data loggers: the WeeTag®.

The WeeTag® series offers not only temperature sampling, but incorporates depth measurements and an easy to use RFID/RF communication system . Smaller, more precise and an extended memory capacity, the WeeTag® series comes in all shapes and sizes ready to use in any project.

WeeButton RF FREE iButton® – WeeTag® Software Solution


WeeButton RF Software

You can now manage any WeeTag® or iButton® based product using our in-house Free software application.

Using WeeButton RF as your one stop software solution for missioning, downloading, setting alarms or exporting pertinent data has become even easier.

Just install WeeButton RF on your computer, plug in the PitStop antenna or the 1-Wire-Viewer® USB key, and start a mission with your datalogger! That’s it, you’re ready to go!

In a few minutes, your results will be ready to share and analyse.

Using a WeeTag data logger with WeeButtonRF free software