Alpha Mach has solutions for in vivo temperature profiling. If you are looking for simple to use, low cost internal data logging system, then we have a logger for you.



By eliminating  mechanical contacts between the computer and the tag, Alpha Mach has come up with an easy, low cost submersible data collecting solution for you.

All you need is the PitStop® transmitter/receiver, and the computer will recognize all WeeTags® in range. You can then mission or download each WeeTag® without having to retrieve them.

Is the WeePit® or WeeDip® a good fit for something like…a small mouse?

Our WeeTags® are ultra-miniature in size and weigh as little as 1.2g. They have an extended memory capacity which allows you to work on a long-term temperature profiling project without having to remove the tag.

Good for small & large rodents, fish of all sizes, snakes and other reptiles, birds and any other animal.