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Here at Alpha Mach we offer the very best in professional PC solutions to all your temperature and humidity monitoring needs.

The Plug & Track® by Proges Plus® offers a no hassles, easy to use solution for the small start-up, up to the large corporation with many different installations.

  • Very quick setup
  • Easy Missioning
  • Works with all iButtons® & iButton® Based Products
  • Archives data automatically
  • Calculates the Sterilization & Pasteurization values
  • Chamber characterization module is EN NFX15-140 Compliant
  • Top notch security parameters
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In a few seconds, you can mission your iButtons® and set:

  • Sample rate and start time
  • Start delay
  • Low and high alarm thresholds and temporization
  • Associate the iButton® with a product, lot, vehicle, etc.

When reading a iButton®, all information is displayed in a customizable dashboard!

    • Archive data automatically
    • Print a graph automatically
    • Send the graph automatically via Email in case of an alarm

It’s simple:

    1. Solo for use with only one iButton® at a time
    2. Cinco for use with up to five iButtons® at one time
    3. Pro for when you need to keep track of multiple iButtons® at all times

For more information, contact: Proges Plus®