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Multiple Temperature Data Logger

With the collaboration of the USGS, ALPHA MACH has built a multi-sensor temperature data logger. Able to withstand the harshest deserts or deepest riverbeds, the T.rod.X becomes an indispensable tool for serious ground assessment. Equipped with 4, 6 or more temperature data loggers set at user specified positions. Can log temperatures at different depths at the same time.

Standard rods come with top connector and 4 or 6 sensors.

    • WIFI Communication
    • Adroid and Apple OS compatible
    • Fully customizable: up to 3m in length and from 4 to 15 fully calibrated temperature data loggers
    • Completely waterproof
    • Durable PVC housing
    • Optional 7.62m submersible cable, allows mission & download from the side of streams or canals
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    Range (°Celsius) -20 to 70
    Precision +/- 0.5°C
    Resolution +/- 0.0625°C
    Memory (Values) 130 000
    Record Interval 1 to 255 minutes


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    4 sensors, 4 sensors & Cable, 6 sensors, 6 sensors & Cable