All iButton® & WeeTag® products


WeeButton® is our in-house Free software application. Easy to use, it works with all Products sold by Alpha Mach. If you are using Thermochron® and Hygrochron® iButton®, or the WeeNode® high capacity RF data logger, WeeButton® will interface your computer for a smooth, hassle free experience.

It has a special interface for use with the SensorRod® multi-sensor data logger, that allows you to download optimized calibration values, get real time temperature readings and mission and download multiple sensors with just one click. WeeButton will mission any iButton®Product we sell and download straight to a spreadsheet. In a few minutes, your results will be ready to share and analyse.

Using any WeeTag® is easy ! All you need is the PitStop® RFID antenna for the WeePit® and WeeDive®, or the RFCommunicator® antenna for the long range large capacity WeeNode®, and you have a very powerful tool for analyzing all your data in just minutes…

One Package, Two Free Applications and a World of Possibilities