Wapp software application

WeeTag® products


  • Works with ALL WeeTag® Products
  • Recognizes all WeeTags® in range
  • Export straight into an Excel spreadsheet

    Wapp software application is our in-house Free software application. Easy to use, it works with all WeeTag® Products sold by Alpha Mach. If you are using WeePit®, WeeDip®,  WeeBat®, or the NAUTICAL® and BisKit®,  Wapp software application will interface your computer for a smooth, hassle free experience.

    Using any WeeTag® is easy ! All you need is the PitStop® RFID antenna  and you have a very powerful tool for analyzing all your data in just minutes…

    One Package, Two Free Applications and a World of Possibilities

    THERMOTRACK® by ProgesPlus®

    Her at Alpha Mach we offer the very best in professional PC solutions to all your temperature & humidity monitoring needs. The Plug&Track® by ProgesPlus® offers a no hassles, easy to use solution for the small start-up, up to the large corporation with many different installations.

    Different options for different needs…

    ThermoTrack® can be installed on any computer, and in a few seconds you can mission you iButtons® & iButton® Products and use the advanced functions to customize your temperature & humidity  tracking needs in any installation

    ThermoTrack®Online is an internet service that allows you, for a few dollars a week, to program and read all iButton® Products from anywhere, with any PC.

    ThermoTrack®WebServe for “real time” temperature tracking & traceability, all through the internet! ThermoTrack®Webserve is an internet service that monitors your fridges, cold rooms, steam cabinets, server rooms, warehouses, labs in real time.


    iButton Products



    ThermoTrack Online

    iButton Products


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    Thermotrack WebServe

    iButton Products


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    iButton Products

    Maxim's free software

    It can only be used with iButton based products.

    We still support older versions of the WeeButton and WeeTag software application.

    Even if it’s been a few years, we will support you no questions asked!

    We also support MaximIntegrated® 1-wire viewer iButton® software. For any questions, please feel free and

    contact us