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Body temperature

For fish, snake, and small mammal to study some behavior patterns as implanted or external tags. Glued to an emitter, the logger is easier to find to get to the data.

Bats Hibernating Pattern

Our smallest data logger can be glued on the back of the bat directly on its fur. When recording temperature at a faster sample rate, the waking of the bat can be detected by a rapid drop of temperature.

Salmonid’s capability to find cold spots

A tag with temperature and pressure measurements will provide information on the ability of a fish to find cool spots to allow survival in a warming river. Depth can be used to evaluate where the fish was at that time with bathymetric information.

Salmon river warming

A great number of temperature and light data loggers can be installed along the river and close to all the tributaries to identify those that bring in warmer waters. With that information, administrators can decide on interventions such as reforestation along tributaries.

Nest occupation study

The light sensor can be used to detect the presence or absence of a parent inside the nest as well as the nest temperature and humidity levels.

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To be able to conclude on a specific behaviour when studying fish or wildlife, sufficient data is needed on a minimum number of individuals to ensure statistically sound results. Very small, low weight, low-cost data loggers allow more species to be tagged and studied. Several housings are available to meet weight and size requirements as well as tagging method. With temperature, depth and light for sensors, there are infinite possibilities to identify wildlife behaviour and activities.

Features that matter
For scientific research

Temperature range and precision

Temperature range and precision

-40 TO 85°C

High resolution and high precision

Large safe memory

Large safe memory

From 92,000 to 190,000 measured values stored in flash memory




Bio-compatible epoxy encapsulation and weight as low as 1.7g

Through skin communication

Through skin communication

RFID (PIT Technology)

Low ISO 134.2KHz communication. Can be missioned & downloaded through biological tissue.



Completely waterproof

All our solutions are made with extreme conditions in mind.

Multi-sensor capabilities

Multi-sensor capabilities

Up to three different depth range, light on four different frequencies. Humidity from 0 to 100% RH.



The electronic is totally encapsulated in tough epoxy with PETG housing. No risk of leakage to ensure reliable long-term deployment

Value replacement

Value replacement

When the battery goes dead, get a reduction on the replacement, we take care of the recycling of the old units.

Alpha Mach Guarantee: We guarantee our instruments for one years or 8 months for the very small WeeBat. We offer free of charge data recovery once the battery has run out, allowing you to use our instruments until the very last drop of energy.

Most popular products

We have the special data logger for your application, either for high temperature up to 140C, or freezing down to -40C. Size matters when you need to fit something either in a vaccine bottle or a small metal can. And if you do not find what you need, we can easily modify one of our products to match your application.

Best for Wildlife

This data logger is implantable in snakes, fish or other small mammals. With its RFID communication, the WeePit and smaller WeeDip can be missioned, and data downloaded while still inside the abdominal cavity of the animal.

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Best for tagging fish

Best for tagging larger fish and for measuring water temperature and level for their habitat. Easy to hide from the view, extremely rugged and affordable. Its light sensor can also be used to measure turbidity.

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Best for cultures

Temperature, humidity and light measurements in an heavy duty package that can withstand up to 100% humidity. A sun shield is available as an option.

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The software you will need


WAPP: Free PC software for all the RFID products, WeePit, Nautical, STEAM. WeeButtonRF: Free PC software for all iButton and iBee products, simple interface to export a text file that ban be neatly imported into Excel.

Miniature and inexpensive data loggers are great tools for tagging wildlife and fish for behavioral studies and identify patterns. Construction of infrastructure often requires environmental studies to identify how and when the living species will be affected. Knowing their behavior is a good way to protect them.

Fisheries are greatly affected by global warming. Small implantable data loggers can be used to see if salmonids are able to find sufficient cool spot along a river system. Telemetry emitters glued to the data logger offers a good possibility to recover the tag toward the end of the study. For large fish, the data logger can be mounted on the dorsal fin with two nickel pins. A message such as “REWARD please call 123-456-7890” will help on the recovery of the tag by fishermen.

Wildlife behavior patterns can be identified with very small temperature data logger implanted in the abdominal cavity. One small operation must be done to insert the logger, and since the missioning and data downloading of the tag can be done through the body tissues, there is no need to operate a second time to remove the tag to get to the data. This is particularly useful for the snakes that cannot be operated more than three times. Temperature will give information on torpor states for warm blooded animals and basking history for cold blooded reptiles.

Our lightest temperature data loggers can be glued on the back of small bats to study their hibernation patterns. Skin bond latex adhesive works well for this purpose. A hibernating bat will have its wings wrapped around its body to keep itself warm. When awakened and flying in the cave, the logger will measure and log the sudden decrease of temperature. Every downward peak indicates a waken state and gives a good indication of how much a bat loose energy during the winter.

To study bird nesting behavior, temperature and light are good indicators. A small logger hidden inside the nest will record the nest temperature and the light sensor will allow detection whenever the bird is covering the eggs.

Laboratory mice or small mammals used to evaluate the effects of drugs and pathogens can be tagged with the WeeDip miniature temperature data logger. With a very high resolution, these devices can be used to detect very small increase of body temperature caused by the reaction of the metabolism to any stressors.

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As a small company, we can design rapidly a tailored solution for your data logging requirements. We use 3D printing machines in our manufacturing processes, and we can rapidly build the specific instrument you require. Throughout the years we have provided a lot of different solutions to our clients, one that may fit what you need. Call us to discuss further about it.

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