Wildlife tags and bio-logging has become as much a tool in animal biology and behaviour as genomics has become a tool in cellular biology.

With the rapidly changing technology and miniaturisation, the art of the trade is in its infancy. More and more, wildlife officers and researchers use temperature as a measured variable, applying the data to models to better understand the evolution of the world around us. Whether studying climate change or animal behaviour, “tagging” has become a means to address complex biological and environmental questions.

Features That Matter

WeeTag miniature temperature data loggers by AlphaMach


By eliminating clunky mechanical contacts between the computer and the tag, Alpha Mach has come up with an easy, low cost submersible data collecting solution for you.

All you need is the PitStop® transmitter/receiver, and the computer will recognize all WeeTags® in range. You can then mission or download each WeeTag® without having to retrieve them.

Can I implant my WeeTag® in something like a juvenile snake?

Our WeeTags® are ultra-miniature in size and weigh as little as 1.1g. They have an extended memory capacity which allows you to work on a long-term temperature profiling project without having to remove the tag.

WeeButton RF FREE iButton® – WeeTag® Software Solution


WeeButton RF Software

You can now manage any WeeTag® or iButton® based product using our in-house Free software application.

Using WeeButton RF as your one stop software solution for missioning, downloading, setting alarms or exporting pertinent data has become even easier.

Just install WeeButton RF on your computer, plug in the PitStop antenna or the 1-Wire-Viewer® USB key, and start a mission with your datalogger! That’s it, you’re ready to go!

In a few minutes, your results will be ready to share and analyse.

Using a WeeTag data logger with WeeButtonRF free software